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DraftDay Brings Daily Fantasy Sports

Are your fantasy football championship hopes down for the count? DraftDay has a great solution for you: daily fantasy sports. DraftDay’s founders include Taylor Caby, a former online poker player who co-founded the popular poker site, CardRunners.

Caby appreciates how his time in poker has helped him learn to recognize online trends, and he feels that daily fantasy sports fills a valuable need. It must, given how it’s exploded in popularity since it began in 2011, now bringing in tens of thousands of users.

But DraftDay is even more impressive than those other sites.

DraftDay Stand Out From Other Fantasy Sports Sites

It’s Dynamic

Instead of drafting a team for the entire season, DraftDay gives you the chance to jump in at any time during the year – even right now – and pick a new team everyday.

“A lot of people are out of contention in their fantasy sports leagues very quickly. DraftDay is great for that because you get a new shot every single week,” Caby says.

You can easily join leagues whenever you please. There’s always a ton of them going on for various amounts of money. The availability of leagues keeps the game fresh. Plus, it takes out a lot of the commitment that can make traditional fantasy sports feel like a drag at times. Instead of having to commit to a full season up front, you can pick and choose which days and weeks you want to play. You also avoid having your season ruined by a bad week or two.

More importantly, you don’t have to worry about the risk of losing your top draft picks to injury in Week 2 and having your whole season instantly go down the tubes. That’s never a fun experience. At DraftDay, though, every day is a new beginning.

It’s Quick and Simple to USe

People new to DraftDay can go over to the site and draft an NFL or NBA team for that day in about five minutes. That kind of simplicity really helps DraftDay stand out. Not having to make a big commitment and join for a whole season makes the site more accessible than traditional fantasy sports. One team, one day, go! That’s not to say that you’re limited to one team or one league. You have the ability to draft multiple teams and try out different strategies to put your best teams out there.

Caby’s poker roots shine through in how quick and easy the site is to use. Because of the way DraftDay is set up, you get instant feedback as to how you’re doing. Instead of drafting a fantasy team at the beginning of the year and waiting to see how things pan out for your squad, you draft a team for the present. You know right away how you did. And hey – if your team doesn’t play well today, there’s always tomorrow! It makes the game more accessible because you don’t have to worry about a rookie mistake dooming your entire season. You always have a shot.

You Can Win Big Money

“DraftDay is a skill game but there’s real money involved,” Caby says. “It’s been growing a lot as far as people using it.”

The daily leagues are easy to set up and join, with buy-ins for real money games starting as low as $1. While you can certainly play with friends, the option to roll with strangers can be even more enticing because of how simple and quick it is to just join a game. DraftDay recently added a new challenge called the “Perfect Lineup.” If you can pick the highest-scoring fantasy football players at each position for one week, you’ll win a cool $1,000,000. Another big challenge is their mid-December $100,000 Fantasy Football Main Event, which features a bunch of free contests you can enter to qualify for the main event. And for those wondering, yes – DraftDay is legal and open to United States’ residents.

Bottom Line

Taylor Caby and the rest of the DraftDay crew have created something exciting here. To fantasy sports players whose favorite part of the year is their annual draft, this site offers a way to have that experience everyday. I suggest DraftDay as a complement – not a replacement – for traditional fantasy sports. Both types of games have some great benefits, but there’s no reason not to give both a shot. They offer different but exciting experiences. DraftDay is worth checking out. You can quickly join an NFL or NBA league right now. Given how easy it is to sign up and give it a whirl, why wouldn’t you?

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