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Go Big Or Go Home: Seattle Mariners Aren’t Messing Around With New Sports Technology Display

Seattle MarinersThe Seattle Mariners are taking the classic phrase, ‘Go big or go home,’ to the extreme.

The team is in the early stages of constructing what will be the biggest video display in Major League Baseball.

It’ll also rival similar displays in the other professional sports.

The latest addition in sports technology at Safeco Field is actually wider than the jumbotron at Cowboys Stadium.

The new display in Seattle is 10 times the size of the ballpark’s current video screen, measuring 201.5 feet by 56.7 feet.

The display — which will total in the ballpark of $10 million — is part of the Mariners’ $15 million budget for improvements to the field for the upcoming year. The huge display is set to debut on April 8 when Seattle hosts the Houston Astros.

Sports Technology: Mariners Making Headlines

Mariners’ Vice President of Marketing, Kevin Martinez, told the Seattle Times just how the display might be used during games.

“So Felix Hernandez just strikes out a batter in the top of the eighth inning,”he said to the Times of the team’s latest plans in sports technology.“We’re going to go live to Felix, who tends to be an animated, excited guy. We’ll cut to shots of the crowd and then a replay of that moment.”

A Sports Technology Display Of Epic Proportions In Seattle


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