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By The Numbers: The 2012 Digital Sports Fan (INFOGRAPHIC)

Digital Sports Fan

Smartphones. Tablets. Twitter, facebook, and social media galore.

2012 is the time to be a digital sports fan.

From online content and video highlights to actually seeing the game live, there are an increasing amount of ways to follow your favorite sports team.

Burst Media recently surveyed a little over 500 fans to figure out how sports fans are interacting with the various channels of digital and social media. Who are the devoted fans versus who are the more casual fans? Where are fans receiving content the most? Who is more likely to share content online?

Obviously, it’s not a huge sample size but the findings are still interesting and provide for a healthy discussion regarding the digital sports fan.

The results are displayed in the infographic below.

Quick Facts From The Digital Sports Fan Infographic

  • 45% of 18-35 year olds follow sports teams or athletes on social media.
  • Of the fans surveyed, only 32% considered themselves ‘devoted fans’, with close to 80% of those individuals being men.
  • Close to 20% of men use a mobile device to watch a live sporting event  compared to 24% of women surveyed.
  • Of the fans surveyed, about 68% considered themselves ‘causal fans’.
  • 35% of 18-35 year olds regularly use social media to comment on, tweet/retweet, share, or link to online sports content.

Burst Media Delivers An Informative Look At The Digital Sports Fan

Digital Sports Fan

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