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Reebok, MC10 Create Latest Sports Technology In Concussion Detection

Reebok-Sports TechnologyIn an era where concussions seem to be an all-too-familiar occurrence, professional sports teams, equipment manufacturers, and technological firms all seem to be on the same page in creating the latest sports technology to detect head injuries.

Reebok-CCM Hockey recently partnered with a Cambridge, Mass. start-up company, MC10, to adopt a new skullcap that can be worn underneath a helmet.

The cap uses sensors that can detect the severity of a hit to head. The new sports technology is designed to notify athletes whether medical assistance or rest is required before getting back on the ice.

Comments From Reebok, MC10 About Sports Technology Development

“As one of the leading equipment manufacturers in the world, we are focused on not only improving the performance of amateur and professional athletes, but also doing whatever we can to protect players from possible injury,” said Philippe Dubé, General Manager of Reebok-CCM Hockey, in a press release. “As we know, head injuries are of the greatest concern today, and there is still much to be learned in this area. This product is a significant step forward in this process and we’re very excited to be able to make it available to consumers for the first time next year.”

“Conformal biometric sensors are changing the game for both the elite and the student athlete,” said David Icke, CEO of MC10.  “MC10’s sports products give athletes the enhanced sensing they need to optimize peak performance, while safely preserving the benefits and spirit of game play.”

MC10 Continues Pattern Of Sports Technology Inovations With Concussions


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