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Huge Sports Sponsorships Likely Won’t Follow Cabrera’s Triple Crown Feat

Miguel CabreraMiguel Cabrera hasn’t exactly been your poster boy off the field for the Detroit Tigers over the last few seasons.

From his trade to the Motor City back in December of 2007, the Venezuelan-born Cabrera has had multiple run-ins with the law.

Yet, this past Wednesday night in Kansas City, that might all have been forgotten as the 29-year-old Cabrera became the MLB’s first Triple Crown winner since 1967 (Carl Yazstremski – Boston); he finished the regular season with 44 home runs and 139 RBIs while batting .330.

The question now remains whether or not Cabrera will cash in on a few major sports sponsorships in the coming weeks and months. According to Bob Dorfman, executive director at San Francisco-based Baker Street Advertising, the lucrative deals won’t necessarily be there for 7-time All Star.

“It’s probably going to be maybe a mid-six-figure boost,” Dorfman said to isn’t his first language, he’s playing in Detroit, and baseball is extremely regional, so unless you are a big-name star consistently making the postseason in a major market, it’s very tough to get big- time deals.”

If you want more of an in-depth look at Cabrera’s odds toward securing sports sponsorships and other endorsements, check out’s full article here.’s @Ken_Rosenthal Discusses Historical Night

Photo Credit: Orlin Wagner/AP

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