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Top 7 Most Engaging NFL Team FaceBook Fan Pages


The 2012-13 NFL football season is upon us, and what better way to bring in the new year than by seeing if your team made its way onto Sports Networker’s list of most engaging NFL team facebook fan pages.

The basic criteria we used in examining all 32 teams consisted of (1) most posts in a month and (2) frequent replies to fan comments. While some weight was definitely placed on those two areas, we also looked for varied content, team-fan interaction, and creative thinking from each team’s social media personnel.

Most ENGAGING NFL Team FaceBook Fan Pages

7. Miami Dolphins

Miami Dolphins

Description: Welcome to the official FaceBook home of the Miami Dolphins. For tickets and more information, please visit

The Dolphins have had a consistent timeline photo over the last few weeks where the team has been counting down the days to the season-opener. There’s been a varying tagline on the different photos such as ’53 Strong’ and ‘Forever Fins,’ a way to really get the fanbase excited for the upcoming year. From posts regarding player stats and links to where you can find every Dolphins game to pictures of the gorgeous Miami cheerleaders, the team has a strong presence across its FaceBook fan page.

6. Washington Redskins 

Washington RedskinsDescription: Welcome to the Official Facebook page of the 3X Super Bowl Champion Washington Redskins. For more information, visit

Robert Griffin III, or RGIII as he is better known around the football world, is the latest story coming out of our nation’s capital — he is the main focus of the team’s timeline photo as well. The social media team promotes twitter on its facebook fan page by mentioning various hashtags to use, in an effort to link the conversation between the two platforms. The Redskins post an assortment of before and after game photos and also, engage with their fanbase by asking various questions on its page. It’s clear that Washington wants to know what they’re fans are saying as well.

5. Cleveland Browns 

Cleveland BrownsDescription: This is the official Facebook page of the Cleveland Browns. For more information visit,

The Browns have a ‘Countdown to Kickoff’ theme running every day on their fan page, where the team posts a player photo and a question somewhat relating to that player or his position. It’s a simple, yet great, idea to reel in fans to the conversation. At the same time, Cleveland does a nice job of of asking fans about different players’ developmental progress, their predictions on games, and other questions to entice its followers to take part in the team-fan interaction.

4. Baltimore Ravens 

Baltimore Ravens

Description: The official Facebook page of the Baltimore Ravens. For the latest information on the Ravens, please visit our official website:

Like many of the other teams on our list, the Ravens utilize a variety of functions to engage with their fanbase. From player workout photos to stories about Coach John Harbaugh’s post-practice workouts, Baltimore fans sense that they’re also part of the team. In addition, the team’s FaceBook page presents photo caption contests, other prize giveaways, and an assortment of other features that help tighten the fan-team bond.

3. Oakland Raiders 

Oakland Raiders Description: The Official Facebook Page of The Oakland Raiders

With game-day photos and player interviews receiving thousands and thousands of ‘Likes and comments,’ it’s very apparent that the Raiders have some pretty loyal fans who want their voices heard. Oakland is very active updating their fan page regarding player transactions and giving away merchandise through promotional ventures as well. Additionally, the social media team places a huge emphasis on posting transcripts from coach/player interviews along with their corresponding videos. Fans, in turn, can then stay up-to-speed with the latest team news.

2. Detroit Lions 

Detroit Lions Description: The Detroit Lions ask that you refrain from any explicit or inappropriate conversation on the Official Detroit Lions Facebook Page. Anyone who does not abide by these rules may be removed from the forum at the discretion of the Detroit Lions.

While the Detroit Lions might now just be coming into relevance again on the field, off the field, the team is making significant strides — digitally, that is. With constant updates across its Face’book fan page, fans can now join in on the conversation. Not only are the Lions providing with team photos and game preview stories, but they’re also offering NFL-related news as well.

The team is also producing its first “social” sports documentary, The Season of Your Life, which will capture the story of the 2012 season through the fans’ eyes. It’s a unique and engaging way for fans to share their experiences and feel apart of the Lions organization.

1. San Francisco 49ers

San Francisco 49ers Description: Welcome to the official Facebook page of the San Francisco 49ers. For more information on the 49ers, please visit our official website:

Like the Lions, San Francisco’s Facebook Fan Page consistently has 100-plus posts each and every month; it’s clear that the social media team puts a strong emphasis on fan engagement. With each post coming in a wide, landscape format on the site, it’s easy for fans to follow the team and comment on the latest game photo galleries, news, and press conferences. At the same time, fans can then use those photos as their own FaceBook timeline photo as well.

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