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Interview with Human Performance Mentors

According to their website, Human Performance Mentors works with individuals and organizations in the area of personal development and behavioral change. They work with clients to promote ongoing improvement in all aspects of life such as; relationships, health, wealth, social interactions, personal growth and career development.

My recent conversation with Founder and CEO, Michael Cooper, revealed HPM’s passion for helping others gain the competitive edge, no matter what the field of play. Their educated and highly skilled team works together to coach and empower individuals and teams to move beyond their comfort zone and achieve their greatest potential.

Michelle: How do you help your potential clientele realize how much they can benefit from your services?

Michael:  We create awareness.  We must first become aware of our strengths and weaknesses as individuals in order to get from where we are, to where we want to go.  We do this through several mind exercises.  One is called “Unpacking.”  We also take our clients through an exercise called “PVG Clarifier.” When clients come to HPM’s mind gym, we help them discover their true purpose in life and gain clarity on what their purpose looks like.  From this point moving forward, it becomes clear how to set, discover, and achieve goals they most truly desire.

Michelle: What type of mental obstacles do you encounter when your clients approach you for your service?

Michael:   We always share with people coming to HPM, that going through HPM is going to be one of, if not the greatest, challenges of their life.  The reason being, most people are operating from a level of awareness of limited thinking.  Their current conditioning and habits are blocking them from breaking through to experiencing and living the life of their dreams.  Athletes and coaches can’t deny that mental training really does work.

Michelle: What specific tools and tests do you utilize when helping your clients overcome mental blocks?

Michael:  We work with the following tools: the sportsDrive Performance Indicator.  Over the last decade, sports psychologists from sportsDrive developed the ultimate mental assessment used by Olympic teams, professional and amateur athletes and coaches, to assess an athlete’s mental ability to make it to the top.  You also learn how to use the PVG Clarifier, a tool designed to create new clarity and understanding of your purpose in life, as well as giving you the ability to visualize your purpose and build a list of goals, creating increased self-confidence, self-esteem and self-trust.

You’ll learn how to use the SP Harmonizer, a tool that gives you the power to totally understand how to increase the level of positive results in your life and to increase the level of awareness of your intellectual mind.  There’s also the EI Journal, a tool that gives you the power to tap into your current and past emotions.   Another tool is the Opponent Solutionizer which gives you a new way to overcome the challenges and obstacles that you face on the gridiron.  Last, but not least, is the TWTC Identifier, a tool that gives you the power to tap into the discipline and leadership skills of a true champion.

Michelle: Briefly describe your Missing Playbook™ philosophy.

Michael: It’s a philosophy dedicated to mentoring individuals (athletes, executives, artists, coaches, teachers, and health and fitness professionals) to experience better results on the gridiron of life.  Wherever you are, whoever you are, whatever you may be following as a profession, there is room for you to make yourself more useful, and in that manner more productive, by developing and using your “MIND.”

Michelle: a) At what point in the interaction with your clients do you recommend a specific workshop or clinic?  b) What determines which class, workshop, clinic, seminar, or coaching program you recommend?

Michael: The key to our success is our ability to focus on relationship development from the start.  The more we understand our clients through listening and engaging the easier it is to provide solutions that always lead to growth. We pay attention to the individual’s thoughts, ideas, speaking and actions.

Michelle: How do you manage and evaluate the success of your clients?

Michael: What matters most in the Game of Life is…RESULTS.  We want results in every area of our lives.   Spiritually, relationships (personal, professional) health (mentally, physically, emotionally), career (profession), finances, etc.  We want to create wealth within all areas.  When we become aware that our clients are improving the quality of their lives in all areas right out of the gate, we know they are learning and applying what we ask them to do. We measure RESULTS.

Michelle: What type of client could reap the most results from Human Performance Mentor’s services?

Michael:  The individual with a desire to make a difference not only in their lives, but the lives of all those they come in contact with.

If you desire to elevate your mental game and gain the edge in your field of play, check out their website at and contact Human Performance Mentors at or 239-384-2816. Their staff will match you with a coach to move you up the field toward the higher ground of personal empowerment.



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  1. Mike D. October 8, 2014 at 11:03 pm #

    Great article! Made me check out HPM’s website!

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