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11 Great Sports Tweets From Early 2011

We’re just two weeks into 2011, yet between NBA trade rumors, the BCS National Championship game, and the NFL Playoffs, we’ve already experienced a lot of excitement. Here are some of my early favorite tweets from the world of sports in 2011.

Blake Griffin, Professional Athlete, LA Clippers (@blakegriffin)

“I know everyone is saying this but have a safe new years don’t drink and drive… and please don’t drink and tweet!” – Dec. 31, 2010

Why Included: Good to see the young man recognize that driving isn’t the only thing that can get you in trouble after consuming alcohol. Also, have you seen Griffin’s top 10 dunks? NASTY!

Darren Rovell, Host of “Sports Biz With Darren Rovell, CNBC (@darrenrovell)

“I know they’re supposed to impartial, but sponsor Tostitos has to be rooting for a coach named Chip” – Jan 10, 2011

“Nike: Oregon’s neon socks from last night’s game are not available @ retail. Sorry to disappoint the THREE of you” – Jan 11, 2011

Why Included: Witty commentary after January 10th’s BCS National Title game. Also, I highly recommend anyone reading this site follow Darren Rovell. Fantastic sports biz commentary.

Adam Schefter, NFL Analyst, ESPN (@AdamSchefter)

“Newly-acquired WRs Anquan Boldin and T.J. Houshmandzadeh were supposed to be the difference for the Ravens. They were.” – Jan 15 2011

Why Included: Boldin and Housh were brought on by the Ravens to make big plays in big games. Both had significant 4th quarter drops that contributed big time to their team’s season-ending loss.

Carmelo Anthony, Professional Athlete, Denver Nuggets (@carmeloanthony)

“some people kills me softly like Lauren Hill. I tell u.” – Jan 9 2011

“Born in Brooklyn, Manufactured in Bmore. Point blank period” – Jan 15 2011

Why Included: Amid trade rumors, it’s been interesting to follow Carmelo Anthony.

Bill Simmons, Sports Writer, ESPN (@sportsguy33)

“Congrats to Auburn for winning the 2011 title. And congrats in advance to Oregon for winning it retroactively in 2013.” – Jan 10 2011

Why Included: It’s been widely speculated that Auburn QB Cam Newton has participated in illegal activities that may very well come back to haunt him, and Auburn, down the line. Plus, Bill Simmons is worth following in general.

Greg Aiello, Public Relations, NFL (@gregaiello)

“To confirm what’s being reported: Ray Anderson contacted multiple clubs this week so they could remind players…” – Jan 15 2011

“..comments of a physically threatening nature are always taken into account in evaluating discipline for illegal physical contact on field.” – Jan 15 2011

Why Included: After escalating trash talk during the week, the NFL decided to let the Jets & Pats, in particular, know that they were taking a no-nonsense attitude on the field. Cool to see the tweet from the NFL PR guy.

Kevin Durant, Professional Athlete, OKC Thunder (@KDthunderup)

“Scarlett johanneson I will drink ur bath water…#random” – Jan 16 2011

Why Included: Just ridiculous.

Santonio Holmes, Professional Athlete, NY Jets (@santonio10)

“Knock! Knock! IM BAAAAACCCCK!” – Jan 16 2011

Why Included: After his team’s big playoff win against the Pats, Holmes tweeted to let his former team (Steelers) & city (Pittsburgh) know that he was excited to see them in the AFC Championship game. I like it.

What did I miss? Let me know in the comments below, and here’s to a twerrific 2011!


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