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Demise of the Dallas Cowboys

What’s wrong with the Dallas Cowboys? Why can’t a team with extraordinarily talented players get it together? Maybe several reasons pop into your head but I simply want to give my perspective since I’m a lifelong, die-hard Cowboys fan. Never mind what you’re thinking…I take a lot of guff when I mention ‘America’s Team’ but it’s the truth and I support them, win or lose.

Right now, though, is a very tough time to be a Cowboys fan. Heck, right now is a very tough time to be a Cowboy. Let’s look at some reasons why the Cowboys are facing a 1 and 6 record; and what they can do to get back on track to winning.

  • Some say Jerry Jones is the ultimate one to blame. No blame game here, just pointing out some…let’s call them…observations. Jerry has built a state-of-the-art stadium for himself, the team, the fans, and the world. Of course he wants to see his team win in their stadium, who wouldn’t? I do believe, however, that Jerry needs to stick to the business of “owning” and not coaching and managing. Jerry is the ultimate master of recognizing and acquiring talent. Hire a coach and leave him alone.
  • Wade Phillips comes from good stock. His dad, Bum Phillips, is legendary. Wade has a winning record with other teams he’s coached. But, I don’t know if Wade is the right man to lead the Cowboys to a steady record of wins, and none of the other Cowboys coaches are equipped to turn this team around. There’s talk of “Chucky” John Gruden, taking the helm and he would get my vote for sure. I believe he would bring a much needed balance of discipline and motivation.
  • Undisciplined players contribute much to the demise of the Cowboys. They’re professionals. They know the rules of the game. But the ridiculous, consistent penalties cause them to shoot themselves in the foot every chance they get. I almost get the feeling that the team doesn’t believe they deserve to win. They could have the very best coach in the world, yet if they fail to execute plays correctly, it would do no good. The heart of the team has stopped beating and it’s painful to watch them go through the motions on the field.

What’s the answer?

a. New coach, same players?
b. New coach, new players?
c. New owner, new coach, new players? (We all know “c” is not going to happen so let’s focus on a and b.)

a. New coach, same players – Let’s work on acquiring a new coach who can motivate and inspire the existing team to play with heart and intelligence. I believe a new coach with the same players can get something done. The Cowboys roster reveals an immense amount of talent available to any coach who’s willing to take a strong lead.

b. New coach, new players – Maybe it’s time for a change in the Cowboys locker room. Since it appears that the current players don’t have a lot of fight left, maybe some drafting and trades need to happen. Perhaps the combination just isn’t right. When they’re hot, they’re really hot; unfortunately the hot has cooled to chilly.

What do you think about the current Cowboys situation? Do they just need some motivation and A LOT of discipline, or is it time for a changing of the guard? Weigh in on your remedy to cure the demise of the Dallas Cowboys.


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4 Responses to Demise of the Dallas Cowboys

  1. brainofj November 3, 2010 at 5:00 pm #

    Well, as someone who grew up in Texas and had the Cowboys shoved down my throat on a daily basis, I couldn’t be enjoying this more. In the spirit of full disclosure, I grew up an Oilers fan, the Titans may own the history etc. but they are not the Oilers. My take on the Cowboys issues, and again, I am totally biased, I find the following faults with your arguments.

    – “…team with extraordinarily talented players…” – In what world? Romo? to quote Shaq, “He’s won on every level except college and pro.” Kitna has more playoff wins. Roy Williams? The Lion’s cast him off.. the LIONS. They are not extraordinarily talented players, they are 1-5 players.

    – “..Jerry is the ultimate master of recognizing and acquiring talent.” – Quincy Carter. Nuff said.

    – A follow up to the above… Jason Garrett? If they are as ‘talented’ as you claim, is Garrett not the issue then?

    – I believe the ‘team’ is too far gone for Wade Phillips to get them back and turn things around.

    – Gruden? Never happen. He’s got nothing to prove to anyone, and is doing wonders in the booth. No upper tier coach is going to come into that situation, if the rules remain the same. (rules that Wade Phillips was hamstrung with.. having to keep Jason Garrett as O-coordinator?) add Cowher to that list with Gruden of never happening.

    – Brian Billick and Herm Edwards would be good fits (no sarcasm here, I like both of them) they are mild disciplinarians but, not so upper tier that they wouldn’t come in with the demands of a Cowher or Gruden. To quote Parcel’s “Let them buy the groceries, and fix the meal”.

    While I am relishing the poor play of the Cowboys, I also recognize that the NFL is undoubtedly better with them being competitive, and Jerry’s ‘thunderdome’ is truly the class of the NFL, hell, all of pro sports for that matter.

    Just my two cents. 🙂

  2. JMattHicks November 5, 2010 at 6:38 pm #

    I was born in raised in San Antonio, Texas. I attended the Dallas Cowboy training camp every year except this past camp that it was at the Alamodome. And let me say this: the Cowboys have much more than just one problem.

    1. Jerry Jones is far too involved. We need a GM that isn’t an owner.
    2. Wade “Yuck Yuck” Phillips is a good football mind, but he’s not the coach that the Cowboys need. He doesn’t command the respect and extract the talent from this team.
    3. Player performance is almost ALWAYS lack-luster in December (i.e. Roy Williams and Tony Romo can’t seem to get it together CONSISTENTLY especially when it matters most. To be fair, this season is an anomaly as far as.)
    4. We have had arguably the best stable of RB’s in the league for some time but rarely utilized either one in their most effective capacity.

    Should I keep going?

  3. WinningProof November 6, 2010 at 6:06 pm #

    @brainofj I appreciate your two cents and I agree with your statement that the team is too far gone for Wade to get them back and turn things around. You also might have a good point with Gruden but there has to be an answer that will get the team back to the greatness they once enjoyed.

  4. brainofj November 6, 2010 at 6:32 pm #

    @WinningProof Well, I think the solution (s) are pretty simple.
    -Jerry takes a page from Mark Cuban, sign the checks, and gets OUT of the way
    -Send Romo packing. They guy has NEVER won a meaningful game, and has NEVER stepped up as an NFL quarterback, despite as mentioned before, the best running back core of the past 5+ years, and arguably one of the best receiving core as well.
    -Bring in a Veteran QB for next year, and draft the next franchise guy (the current crop of RB’s and WR’s get a real leader, and their entire disposition will change..”free your arse, and your mind will follow” 🙂
    -How can I possibly say the above is easy? While the Cowboys have continually had their wagon hitched to Tony Romo express, teams like the Chiefs, Packers, Dolphins, Ravens, Jets, dare I say Texans, freeking Raiders (proof inept ownership is not the cause in big D) have all ‘rebooted’ to some extent with at the very least new starting QB’s (actual leaders).

    The Patriots have the two things the Cowboys do not, Head Coach and QB… you swap that two headed monster from the Pat’s to the Boy’s – instant domination. Compare the Cowboy’s roster to the Pat’s minus those two key roles. Tough to see where one is a dynasty, and the other.. what’s the opposite of a dynasty?

    Romo has continually had people apologizing, and making excuses for him, and he’s had coach after coach come and go, the constant in “D” is Romo and underachieving (and Jones, but see Al Davis and comment above about that) Those two (Romo and underachieving) are not mutually exclusive, they are cause and effect.

    On the Sunday night game that espn did from Jerry’s house, Steve Young said “I just want Tony Romo to take control of that offense, step up and be the leader I know he can be.” Tom Jackson followed with more honesty ” If he has not stepped up to lead by now, he aint gonna… ” . To quote Ditka.. “Wade Phillips, as far as I know, hasn’t dropped one pass, or fumbled one ball this season.”

    Sorry.. I tend to get fired up when it comes to Romo. I don’t know why nobody else see’s it, and why he always gets a pass. Hell Donovan McNabb whatever you think of him has a superbowl appearance, 3 NFC championship appearances, countless wins, and he can’t even get his own damn team to show him some respect. Romo, the complete opposite. Maybe you can help me understand that one? 🙂

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