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LeBron Can Make More With Heat Than Cavs

  • But if you match up what James’ salary would be for the first five years in Cleveland and the five years in Miami, you find that the Cavaliers are only offering him $4 million more.

Tebow Leading League In Jersey Sales

  • It has been three months, and Tim Tebow still hasn’t taken a single (real) snap under center for the Denver Broncos, yet he’s leading the league in jersey sales.

Gillette, Not the Best Ads a Man Can Get

  • Cynicism runs amok among our hallowed list this week. And the biggest culprit of that kind of audience distrust is none other than Gillette. The razor maker owns the top spot with last week’s debut video, “Perfect Length,” as well as this week’s No. 5 slot, newcomer “Young Guns,” which drew over 3.7 million views combined.

Petal Advertising

  • To create a sense of unique opulence, flower designers Blue and Blooms were bought in. This company was the first in the U.K. to use organic media in the form of flowers to promote brands. The innovative approach to printing on fresh flowers creates a creative marketing tool for companies looking to use branded flowers that turn heads and create attention.

TripAdvisor launches travel creative challenge

  • In an effort to show the effectiveness of display advertising, TripAdvisor is challenging travel brands and advertising agencies to create an ad campaign which will run on the travel website.
  • The campaigns will be judged by a panel of TripAdvisor sales and marketing experts, the winning campaign will receive around $314,500 in equivalent CPM advertising media value on TripAdvisor.

Cold Stone Looks to Drive Store Traffic With Facebook E-Gifts

  • Cold Stone Creamery is the latest brand to embrace social media applications on Facebook. Starting this week, the ice cream chain will allow consumers to send tangible gifts to friends via the social network.
  • Using the e-gift app, developed by e-commerce firm First Data Corp., consumers can select one or more friends to send gifts to, either by adding them from Facebook or entering their e-mail address. Unlike virtual gifts on Facebook, however, the Cold Stone app sends a code for a physical product that can be redeemed at any of the chain’s 1,300 locations.

Jack Johnson And FilterForGood Join Forces To Promote Bottled Water-free Initiatives

  • When Jack Johnson heads out on a 35-date North American tour this month in support of his new album, To the Sea, the singer, songwriter, surfer and environmental advocate will leave an even lighter footprint with help from Brita.
  • Johnson is inviting Brita to join his tour to help expand his already unparalleled greening efforts. Brita’s FilterForGood movement, which has been working since 2007 to reduce bottled water waste, will be embedded on the tour to provide Brita-filtered water to the band, crew and fans and encourage concert-goers to make other simple environmentally friendly choices that are better for the Earth and our oceans.

Children’s Food Marketing Guidelines Delayed

  • A working group made up of officials from several federal agencies proposed the voluntary restrictions in December limiting the marketing to children of foods and beverages that contain significant amounts of sugar, sodium and saturated fat. The standards were then expected to be made available for public comment before being delivered to Congress this month. Instead, they have yet to be publicized.

European Plane Maker Submits Bid for U.S. Tankers

  • The European Aeronautic Defense and Space Company submitted an 8,800-page bid on Thursday for a $35 billion Air Force tanker contract amid tensions over whether European subsidies would give it a cost advantage over Boeing.

Opening a Big Store in China, Apple Remains a Market Underdog

  • The company, which has been slow to cultivate the Chinese market, has relatively few sales outlets in the country and only one Apple Store — a modest branch in Beijing.
  • But with Apple set to open a flagship showroom on Saturday in Shanghai — one of its largest stores in Asia — the company is making a new push to tap into the world’s biggest mobile phone market and grab a bigger share of China’s fast-growing consumer electronics business.

A Sharp Focus on Design When the Package Is Part of the Product

  • SALES of facial tissue during the cold and flu season are, appropriately enough, feverish, but not so during the summer. In the four weeks that ended July 12, 2009, for example, revenue for the products totaled $57.8 million, compared with $92.4 million in the four weeks ending Jan. 24, 2010, a difference of nearly 60 percent, according to SymphonyIRI Group, a market research company whose data does not include Wal-Mart sales.
  • Now Kleenex, the brand that invented facial tissues 86 years ago, is hoping to bolster summer sales with packages that resemble wedges of fruit and look more at home on a picnic table than a bedside table. The A-frame packages, featuring fruits like watermelon, orange and lime, were available only at Target last summer, and are being sold at all major retailers this summer.

G.E. Has a ‘Capital’ Idea

  • G.E. will start to find that out as it rolls out ads for its GE Capital unit, which was battered by the financial crisis because of its exposure in areas like commercial real estate and consumer credit card debt.
  • The campaign features actual companies with which GE Capital works. The first is Taylor Guitars, founded in 1974, and others will include Kalitta Air, JetBlue Airways and Triumph Motorcycles.

RIM Needs a Lift with BlackBerry 6

  • Research In Motion (RIMM) presented Queen Elizabeth II with a white BlackBerry during a royal visit to the Canadian company’s headquarters on July 5. Her Royal Highness is an apt representative of RIM’s customer base: established, traditional, and likelier to use a phone to e-mail instructions to staff than download Lady Gaga videos. In short, not the audience co-Chief Executive Officer Jim Balsillie has to woo as RIM loses ground to Apple’s (AAPL) iPhone and handsets running Google’s (GOOG) Android operating system.

Cisco Wants Flip In On NBC’s Olympic 2012 Plans

  • Cisco provided NBC with Flip video cameras to allow U.S. athletes, bloggers, reporters and analysts to record the behind-the-scenes stories in Vancouver and share the videos on It’s not clear whether NBC will enter into a similar agreement with the company for the upcoming Olympic games that begin July 27, 2012, although Cisco will support the advanced infrastructure for the London 2012 games.

Boro offers monthly shirt sponsorship packages

  • Middlesbrough has launched “front of shirt” sponsorship packages on a monthly basis after season-long offers failed to meet the English Championship club expectations.

Multi-million pound boost for Tottenham Hotspur

  • The deal, with Autonomy Corporation PLC, a global leader in infrastructure software, will run for two years and only covers Premier League matches. Financial details were not released, but the deal is known to be worth more than the £8.5 million (US$12.9 million) annual sum Spurs were receiving from Mansion. The Autonomy partnership is believed to be closer to £10 million (US$15 million) per season, while Spurs will sign another shirt sponsor for cup games, including the Uefa Champions League.

Toyota plans to use customer accolades in campaign

  • Toyota is to highlight user experiences and industry accolades in its latest marketing push in an attempt to reassure consumers following a spate of recalls and faults.
  • The company wants to extend the theme of its “Your Toyota is My Toyota” pan-European advertising campaign, and says it is focused on “overcoming prejudices”.

Skip the Scotch, Just Have a Swig of Mellowberry

  • “Relaxation shots” like Snoozeberry and iChill and soporific beverages with names like Unwind, Dream Water, Koma Unwind Chillaxation and Drank are aiming to take away the very buzz their caffeinated predecessors were designed to deliver. There are already more than 350 kinds of relaxation drinks on the market, according to Agata Kaczanowska, an analyst with the research company IBISWorld. Instead of slogans like Jolt’s “All the sugar and twice the caffeine,” these new drinks proffer serenity with maxims like Unwind’s “Tired of being wired?” and Drank’s “Slow your roll.”

Panasonic in biggest ever Lumix campaign

  • The campaign, created by The Campaign Palace, features three 30-second TV spots, which will run across free-to-air and pay TV.
  • The creative focuses on the theme “You don’t have to be a great photographer to take great photos”, and is backed by targeted magazine and online advertising, as well as outdoor and point-of-sale activity.
  • The print and online advertising will be highly targeted. For instance, ads relating to the DMC-TZ10 Lumix model will focus on travel media, whereas ads relating to the DMC FT2 model will target niche surfing, skating and snowboarding media.


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