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World Cup 2014 Ticket Demand Heats Up

The FIFA World Cup 2014 is set to take place in Brazil on June 12.  If you are trying to grab some tickets, you better cross your fingers because applicants are chosen at random. These tickets are hotter than than the bottom of your laptop. ‘World Cup 2014’ Tickets in high demand On Tuesday, one…

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The Top News in #Sportsbiz – 08.12.13 – 08.19.13

The top news in #sportsbiz this week includes a major move for Arizona State University, as they begin to offer a sports business degree program.  Sports networking site is growing as evidenced by Brown University joining the site.  Other top news includes Fox Sports 1 hitting its projected 90 million homes, Wells Fargo sponsors…

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Marlins Decline in Sports Ticket Sales Hurting MLB Numbers

There aren’t very many goods thing coming out of the Miami Marlins this season. The team has the worst record in baseball, an injured star in Giancarlo Stanton and an empty stadium. The Marlins drastic decline in sports ticket sales were due in part to a complete re-build occuring only one season after going all…

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Miami Marlins Responsible for 20 Percent of MLB’s Declining Ticket Sales

Major League Baseball has seen a decline in ticket sales, down about 3 percent in 2013, and the blame is being put on the Miami Marlins. Playing their second season in their new ballpark. the Marlins account for about one in every five unsold tickets in baseball, or 20 percent of the decline in ticket…

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Columbus Blue Jackets See Increase in Season Ticket Sales

After a red-hot finish to the 2013 NHL regular season, the Columbus Blue Jackets have seen an increase in season ticket sales over the past several weeks. According to the team, season ticket sales are up 13 percent from one year ago when the Blue Jackets had one of their worst season’s in franchise history….

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The Top News In #Sportsbiz – 03.25.13 – 04.01.13

Sports Business Justin Verlander Becomes Highest Paid Pitcher In Baseball Detroit Tigers starting pitcher Justin Verlander signed a record $180 million contract on Friday making him the highest paid pitcher in the history of baseball. Just two months ago, Felix Hernandez of the Seattle Mariners had signed a seven-year contract worth $175 million, the richest contract for…

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Sports Ticket Sales: Red Sox in the Dumps

The Boston Red Sox are an incredible franchise with a rich history. They have been one of the dominant Major League Baseball franchises over the last decade when it comes to sports ticket sales. Selling out games was easy for the team, but their sell-out streak of close to ten years will likely end this…

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The Top News In #Sportsbiz – 03.11.13 – 03.18.13

Sports Business March Madness Becoming One of the Most Valuable Sports for Advertisers Most fans think of sports advertising, they think of the Super Bowl. But now, college basketball is proving to be one of the most valuable sports for advertisers. In the last 10 years, the NCAA Division I Men’s Basketball Tournament, more commonly known…

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Sports Ticket Sales: Build it. Sell it. Prove it.

If you want a job in real estate development the best thing you can do for yourself is to pull together some money, buy a dump of a house or building, fix it up yourself then sell or rent it out. It is a learning experience that demonstrates competence and can easily lead to another…

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Sports Ticket Sales

Sports Ticket Sales Not Easy for Yankees

The most illustrious franchise in sports history is having a harder time than you may think with their sports ticket sales. Between the Superstorm Sandy and the weak economy, the Yankees don’t have it as easy as they did in the past, which could be why they have not lavishly spent on free agents this…

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Sports Ticket Sales

Russia Begins Olympic Sports Ticket Sales

Tickets for the 2014 Sochi Winter Olympic games are now on sale, but not to just anyone. On Thursday sports ticket sales for Sochi were made available to citizens and foreigners residing only in Russia. The announcement comes exactly a year before the games are scheduled to take place. The 2014 Sochi Winter Olympics opening…

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MLB and StubHub Come to Terms of New Deal

Major League Baseball and StubHub (a ticket market place where users can buy and sell tickets) reached an agreement to a 5-year deal Monday that will continue the site’s role as the secondary ticket market for all of the league’s games. StubHub has been heavily involved with the MLB for over a decade, include a…

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