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Major League Baseball Finds a Home on YouTube

Baseball highlights have been a rarity on YouTube for years. But that all is likely to change with the MLB officially joining with a new channel, uploading HD content frequently. The channel already has 24,000+ subscribers and is seeing rapid growth as the season progresses. MLB has uploaded highlights from every game of the 2013 season as well as…

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Guys at Sport Job Chat Launch #SportJC Twitter Chat

Twitter chats are a huge way to gain followers, meet fellow users with similar interests and most importantly GET INVOLVED. The guys over at Sport Job Chat do a bi-monthly twitter chat with questions directed towards working in the sports industry. Every first and third Mondays of the month, they hold theses chats with the hasthtag…

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Sportlobster: Social Media Site Just for Sports Fans

There is a new kid on the block for sports and social media, it’s called Sportlobster. It’s a new way for sports fans to engage with each other and sport. It allows passionate fans to express themselves on a range of different sports. No longer do fans have to search through boring status updates, pictures of…

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4 Most Engaging Professional Athletes On Twitter

Twitter can be a tremendous asset to athletes. However, not all athletes take full advantage of the opportunity. The platform provides an opportunity for athletes to be transparent, show their various interests, reaction to games, and appreciation for their fans. While some athletes say controversial things and show off, other players effectively use Twitter to…

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Why Teams Should Splurge On Social Media Talent

A wise football coach (okay, Jerry Glanville) once said that the NFL stood for “Not For Long.” In hockey, the NHL stands for Not Here Long, especially when it comes to goaltenders, the league’s head coaches and social media mavens. Yes, the employees who get paid to Tweet, Pin, use Facebook, filter photos through Instagram…

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The Social Side of Golf – The Masters of Social Media

For the big names in golf, Twitter is a great way to keep the fans posted on the goings on in the golfing world. With the golfers in the world getting ready for the US Masters, there’s a bit of a buzz on the social networking site for all things golf. Regardless of whether you…

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SportsCenter Gives Fans a Reason to Watch and Tweet

Want your tweet aired on SportsCenter? Need help with your March Madness bracket? SporstCenter is giving fans more than one reason to watch and tweet. I caught an episode of SportsCenter a few weeks back and noticed a brilliant trend – they were using hashtags to introduce rundowns of MLB position players killing it in…

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The Top News In #Sportsbiz – 04.01.13 – 04.08.13

Sports Business Robinson Cano Signs with Jay-Z’s Agency New York Yankees second baseman Robinson Cano announced last Tuesday that he fired agent Scott Boras and signed with an agency led by entertainment mogul Jay-Z. Cano is the first client that Jay-Z’s new agency – Roc Nation Sports – has signed. The superstar player from the…

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“Must Follows” for 2013 NFL Draft Information

The NFL Draft has become the Super bowl of the off-season.  The NFL has taken what is essentially a human resources function, and turned it into a three-day event. The NFL Draft is: Sponsored by some of the most successful companies in the world Broadcast by two networks Watched by 25 million people last year. Unfortunately,…

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Sports Social Media: How to “Get’em To Tweet You Back”

Do you want “big time” athletes and sports broadcasters to Retweet you? If you go about it the wrong way, getting a Retweet can be a real pain in the rear. Most websites will tell you to engage with people by putting @Username in your message so the tweet will appear in their Interactions stream….

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Sports Social Media: Nike in Hot Water over Tiger Ad

Tiger Woods is back on top of the golf world. On Monday, golf’s most illustrious player regained his world #1 ranking, which he lost in October of 2010. Just as things seem to be turned around for the superstar, his name is back in the media in a negative way. Nike, one of Tiger’s main…

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Manti Te’o Giving up Social Media? Is he Doing the Right Thing?

Is Stopping the Right Thing to do? No we haven’t lost our minds here at Sports Networker.  We want to dig deeper.  Do you give something up because it didn’t work out for you the way you envisioned it?  Okay not just work out, but really almost cost you your career. A few weeks ago one…

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