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4 Motivational Quotes All Aspiring #SportsBiz Professionals Should Live By In 2013

Everyone in #sportsbiz knows the commonly said, read, and re-iterated phrase, “You love what you do, and you’ll never work a day in your life.” I’m not sure who coined that cliched phrase, but it’s definitely not the quote I’m here to elaborate on. I’m here to simply share four original motivational quotes all aspiring…

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Sports Media

Jobs In Sports Media: How To Land Your Dream Job In Sports

Sports media is certainly a well recognized niche sector within the larger sports industry. There are the larger media outlets like ABC, NBC, CBS Sports, and Fox Sports, with jobs with these particular companies as arguably some of the most sought after jobs in sports media. However, there are so many other additional job opportunities…

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NHL Lockout

The Top News In #Sportsbiz – 12.17.12 – 12.24.12

The Top News In #Sportsbiz is a collection of articles curated by Sports Networker’s Lead Writer – Mark Burns Sports Business The Chilling Effect Of The NHL Lockout On Businesses Most everywhere Lou Billittier turns these days, the Buffalo restaurateur is reminded of the NHL lockout, and its impact on his blue-collar, sports-mad town where Dominik Hasek…

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The Top News In #Sportsbiz – 12.10.12 – 12.17.12

The Top News In #Sportsbiz is a collection of articles curated by Sports Networker’s Lead Writer – Mark Burns Sports Business 25 Schools That Make The Most Money In College Sports For many schools, sports are now generating more than $100 million annually. Much of that money is from the ever-growing revenue generated by conferences through television…

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Interview Preparation for Sports Jobs

The Sports Job Interview: 30-60 minutes to prove yourself! You’ve made it through two of the biggest hurdles already: carefully crafting your cover letter so the hiring manager to took notice and building a rok-solid resume to showcase your relevant experiences. You’ve received that magical phone call to schedule an interview and are so close…

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Sports Management

The Top News In #Sportsbiz – 12.03.12 – 12.10.12

The Top News In #Sportsbiz is a collection of articles curated by Sports Networker’s Lead Writer – Mark Burns Sports Business Will #JohnnyFootball Ever Cash In? He might be Johnny Football, but he’s not allowed to be Johnny Cash. Texas A&M quarterback Johnny Manziel is the favorite to become the first freshman to win the Heisman Trophy on…

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Goal Setting to Get a Sports Job

Listen here Sonny Boy!  Set goals to achieve your dreams! How many times have we heard Uncle Bob tell us that when we were growing up as kids?  Great advice, generally though Uncle Bob did not also provide the actionable path to how to set those goals and what those goals needed to be in…

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How to Avoid the “Dead-End” Sports Job Search Strategy

If you’ve read any of my posts on Sports Networker, then you know I’m a big believer in having a strategic plan to land your first job in sports. However, many aspiring sports executives are using a dead-end strategy. I call it the black hole of job-searching. This is the place where resumes and cover…

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Jerry Maguire

The Top News In #Sportsbiz – 11.19.12 – 11.26.12

The Top News In #Sportsbiz is a collection of articles curated by Sports Networker’s Lead Writer – Mark Burns Sports Business 5 Best Things About Being An NFL Sports Agent I (Agent Jack Bechta) have been lied to, deceived, used, humiliated, and have sacrificed a lot of my personal time and interest to serve others who play…

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Black Friday Deals

30 Books On Amazon During Black Friday Week To Advance Your Sports Career

It’s that time of year again. Thanksgiving is a day away and Christmas is right around the corner. But, in the meantime, the thing that should be on everyone’s mind is Black Friday — that special day where millions of Americans go bizerk trying to find the perfect gift for the whole family. This year,…

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Meet Joshua Lagan: Rising Star in #Sportsbiz

Meet Joshua Lagan. Joshua is a regular contributor on where he interviews top sports executives in an effort to help others learn from their experience. He has also been able to benefit from the experience by expanding his own network and building relationships with some of the most powerful executives in sports. Joshua Lagan…

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Sports Administration

Jobs In Sports Administration: How To Land Your Dream Job In Sports

The sports industry is a $400 billion industry that is one of the most sought after fields to work around. There’s the constant struggle of business professionals looking to move from another industry to sports along with thousands of students graduating every year that want to work in sports. But that’s where you come in:…

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