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Drafting for Dummies – Part VII

Welcome back. This is the final installment of my 7-part series detailing the NFL Draft from a team perspective and the years of preparatory work that goes on behind the scenes. I encourage you to read the whole series, because each part offers unique exclusive content that is essential to the process! Part I –…

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Drafting for Dummies – Part VI

Now that the Draft is rolling, teams are seeing their hard work come to fruition. As teams select, hopefully the best players available are also players that fill needs. Trade talks have commenced and this is when strategy and negotiating come to the forefront. Rolling the Dice The strategy of the NFL Draft truly comes…

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Drafting for Dummies – Part V

Thus far I have detailed the entire process leading up to a team’s first draft choice and the Commissioner announcing that the Club is on the clock.  So what exactly does happen in those final minutes before a team actually selects a player to draft? Anxious Moments As a team’s first draft pick approaches, the…

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Drafting for Dummies – Part IV

In the week leading up to the NFL Draft, teams really start to get a good feel for which players will be available in the first round around the position of their pick. Before trade talks commence indicating interest in trading positions in the Draft to acquire the player(s) most coveted, teams first try to…

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Drafting for Dummies – Part I

Making an Event The NFL Draft has become quite the spectacle. Now a three night primetime television event, millions of NFL fans tune in to watch as their favorite NFL teams infuse their rosters with new young talent. These selections are followed by instant analysis and judgment, and this is not simply the jeers or…

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