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Community Contributor Training

We are committed to providing you with the guidance, training and resources needed to help you write great content and make your role as a Community Contributor easy, enjoyable and rewarding!  

As a Community Contributor, you will receive a weekly email every Monday that will outline the Articles Wanted that week.  The weekly email will provide you with relevant, timely topics you can write about, but feel free to suggest your own ideas based on the topics we cover here on Sports Networker.

Below you will find a number of training videos that will help you in your role as a Community Contributor.

  • Updating Your Profile Bio & Gravatar
  • 5 Steps To Writing Articles For Sports Networker
    • Brainstorming Article Ideas
    • Submitting Your Article Idea
    • Writing Your Article In
    • Tips On How To Write Your Article
    • Finalizing Your Article For Publishing
  • BONUS #1: Styling Your Article
  • BONUS #2: Writing List Articles

Updating Your Profile Bio & Gravatar

Before you review any of the videos below, make sure that you watch this video to understand how to update your profile bio and gravatar. Here are the steps outlined in the video:

  • Log into with your Username/Password.
  • Update your Profile Bio (Email, Website, Facebook, Twitter, Password, Description, etc) – THIS IS WHAT’S DISPLAYED ON YOUR AUTHOR BIO BOX ON ARTICLES YOU WRITE
  • Setup or update your Gravatar account at http://gravatar.comTHIS IS WHAT WILL PULL IN YOUR PHOTO THAT IS DISPLAYED ON YOUR AUTHOR BIO

Video Length: 4 mins

5 Steps To Writing Articles For Sports Networker

Download the “5 Steps To Writing Articles For Sports Networker” PDF

1. Brainstorming Article Ideas

The first step in writing articles for Sports Networker is deciding on a topic to write about. We are open to suggestions on any article topics you might want to write about. But, if you are stuck for an article idea, we have a number of articles that we’d like written.

Check out this page to view our Categories, Related Categories and Articles Wanted:

Video Length: 4 mins

2. Submitting Your Article Idea

Once you’ve decided on an article you’d like to write, you can submit your article for review in one of two ways.

  1. Send an email to producer@sportsnetworker.comwith the following information and we will set it up for you to log in and edit your article in the back-end of
    1. Article Title (Subject) – you can change this later, so don’t worry about coming up with the perfect title.  Just send us something that describes your article topic
    2. Article Summary (Email Body) – send us a short summary about the article you are going to write
  2. Submit your article using the Guest Post Form

Video Length: 3 mins

3. Writing Your Article In SportsNetworker

Once your article idea has been setup by our editor, you will receive an email with instructions on how to access the article to start writing.  Here’s what you need to do next:

  • Log In To – go to and log in with your Username/Password. (Or click the “edit” link in the email you will receive when your article is setup)
    • If you don’t remember your Password, click the “Lost Your Password?” link and follow the instructions.  If you don’t remember your Username, email and we’ll send you the info.
  • Access Your Article – once you log in, you will land on the Dashboard.  From there, you want to click on “Posts” and then click on the article you’ve been assigned (Or click the “edit” link in the email you will receive when your article is setup)
  • Write Your Article – once you open up the article, you can now start writing your content. There are a number of styling features available to you in WordPress, so feel free to play with it and let us know if you have any questions.

Video Length: 7 mins

4. Tips On How To Write Your Article

There are a number of ways to write an engaging article that our viewers will find valuable and we’ve put together some ideas that will help guide you in the right direction. Check out this page for information on our article guidelines, types, styles, formats and qualities of a good article:

Video Length: 7 mins

5. Finalizing Your Article To Be Published

Now that you’ve dove in head first and started writing your article, there are a few things that you need to do before we can publish your article live on

  • Leave Editorial Comments – if you have any questions or comments regarding your article, you can add an editorial comment to notify our editor.
  • Submit For Review – once you are finished writing your article, you should updated the “Status” of the article to “Submit For Review” to notify our editor that your article is completed and ready for review

Video Length: 4 mins

BONUS 1: Styling Your Article

This video includes information on how to style your article and add images before submitting for Final Review.  It includes info on how to:

  • Add Headings – all major sections within your article should be separated by Headings
  • Add Bulleted & Numbered Lists – whenever you have a “list” of items discussed in your article, you should create a bulleted or numbered list
  • Add Links – make sure to add relevant links on the content within your article
  • Add Images – upload the images you want to include in your article and insert them into your content

Video Length: 9 mins

BONUS 2: Writing List Articles

This video will show you how to complete a LIST article on Sports Networker.  We have completed extensive Market Research that will help you in drafting LIST articles for the site.  All we need you to do is come in and add valuable insight to the article and format it according to our standards.

If you have been assigned a LIST article……you MUST watch this video.

Video Length: 11 mins

If you have any questions or comments, please feel free to leave them in the comment box below or send an email to

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