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Hot Dog Stand Marketing: Sports Sales Vol 9: No Complacency

What will you do when you have a record year in your sports sales career?

What happens when…

You win a big award?

You land that dream account that you have been working so hard to get to agree to a partnership with you?

You make more money than you ever thought possible?

You help more lives in a positive way than you could have ever dreamed?

You put your feet up and sit back and relax?


How Will YOU React To Success?

Will you stop then? Yeah right, because you have NO COMPLACENCY in life!

It starts with my Hot Dog Stand Marketing Version of Sales. It is my own creation, my mission statement that I use each and every day. Ten Building Blocks for sports sales success no matter what decade/age we are in.

All 10 of these building blocks are explained in much more detail throughout my various books or at one of my action-led speaking engagements.

Over the past few months here at Sports Networker I have delved into each of my 10 traits and steps to ensure that we thrive; and don’t just survive; in the sports sales world for the coming months, years and decades.

Today we march onto volume number nine! And an action that may be tough, but is essential to thriving in sports sales.

Number Nine: No Complacency!

You’re successful because you give 110% each and every day, no matter what happens.  No matter how good you do or how much you succeed.  You can’t afford to let your foot off the gas pedal!

Do you know why?

Because if you ever lose your attitude of no complacency there is a big, mean and smelly sales person right around the corner waiting to steal your lunch money!


The second you let up, the moment you lose your intensity and that ONE time when you decide that it’s okay to just give 75% for a day, a few weeks, or a month will be the day that you get bullied and have your lunch money stolen!

Having no complacency is all about having the mindset that you will always strive for more. That you will always be out to achieve another sale, another relationship, another partnerships and go higher and farther than you ever have before.

You would be selling yourself short, not knowing how much you can achieve in your sports sales career if you don’t have a lack of complacency.

Comfort and complacency are reserved for your time at the retirement home, when visiting with your family and friends over the holidays or being in a relationship with someone you truly love and understand in and out.

But in terms of a long term successful sports sales career?!?!?  THROW IT OUT THE WINDOW!!

Why is No Complacency So Important?

So why do you need to cut the complacency out you ask? Because when you set limits you’ll never find out how much you can truly achieve in life.  The great ones (think Steve Jobs, Tim Duncan, Nelson Mandela, Seth Godin, Christian Bale, Mia Hamm, etc) or anyone who has a truly great breakthrough in life does so because they possessed no complacency.

These success stories shot for the stars. The only way you get there is when you offer yourself the opportunity to be completely LIMITLESS in what you pursue.  If you put restraints on how high you can go, you’ll never reach it.

The truly special game changers in life are as such because they punched the bully in the mouth when they tried to take their lunch money and have had a complete lack of complacency ever since.

They aren’t discouraged by the word NO, by the term of failure, the judgment of others or the restrictions that society tries to place them.  They give the middle finger to anything that tries to put a curve on the greatness they are trying to achieve for the world – and no complacency is a core trait of having a mindset like that.

What happens when you have no complacency?

This guy LIVED the No Complacency lifestyle. It turned out pretty good for him!

This guy LIVED the No Complacency lifestyle. It turned out pretty good for him!

The things you can accomplish in life when you get rid of complacency seem limitless. I have listed just a few below – feel free to share your own success stories in the comments as well! In the mean time check out my list:

  • You complete five IronMan’s in one week just because you feel like it.
  • You get cut from your JV basketball team and win six NBA titles.
  • You are raised being told there has never been an African American President in America and you serve that role for eight years.
  • You write books and publish them because you have stories to tell and people to help even though others tell you not to write. (Think any scared first time author; heck even myself!)
  • You start ground breaking charities and save lives because you have a dream. (Think charity: water)
  • You tell the FDA to buzz off because you have a better way for the sick. (Go see “The Dallas Buyers Club” and you’ll get it.)

Do these people sound like super heroes?  They aren’t.  They’re Just wonderfully courageous people that have no complacency in life.
Now go see what happens when you take the clamps off, remove the training wheels, and are full go no matter what every day!

Thank you for reading today!

I’m also excited to announce that my brand new E Book “When can I KETCHUP and find my Hot Dog Stand?” is now out and available on Amazon Kindle for just $.99 cents!  What else is less than a dollar other than a lollipop?!

Do you have questions?  Need help?  Have more thoughts?  Leave your comments below, email me at and or hit me up on one of the social media outlets and I’d love to discuss and give you more ideas on any of these ten steps.

Two weeks from today…we’ll dive into volume number ten…the grand finale!  Thanks for reading and sharing if you like it!

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