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Sports Ngin – FASTHockey Launch New Tech Platform


Sport Ngin and have teamed up to launch a digital media platform for premier ice hockey leagues. The comprehensive and fully integrated platform will be called FASThockey 360°. The new video platform was created specifically to deliver live video streaming of premier ice hockey league play.

The FASTHockey 360° platform was in development for over a year. FASTHockey’s nearly 10 years of experience in digital media combined with Sport Ngin’s suite of easy-to-use tools that power more than 400,000 sports teams/leagues/clubs/associations allows the two companies to provide FASTHockey clients (governing bodies, conferences, events, leagues and teams) with professional level management tools and applications.

FASTHockey Ready To Thaw Frozen Out Hockey Lovers

FASTHockey 360° is expected to launch well ahead of the 2014-15 hockey season and will be available to customers using the FASTHockey platform (which now includes distribution to desktops, laptops, tablets, mobile devices, Roku, and Google TV) at absolutely no cost.

FASTHockey is currently the leading destination for amateur ice hockey video in the world. With the FASTHockey technology and client base Sport Ngin can now grow their presence in the sport of hockey while introducing streaming video to their multi-sport user base.

Marc Ruskin, FASTHockey’s founder says that he is confident that FASTHockey 360 is the easy-to-use Web platform that will strengthen their position in the ice hockey marketplace and he believes the platform will change the digital media space for the game viewership around the world giving fans a whole new way to connect, when and how they want it.

Sport Ngin MobileSport Ngin’s co-founder and Chief Product Officer, Carson Kipfer, says:

“FASTHockey 360° is revolutionary and we believe it will change the digital media space for premier hockey organizations of the world by delivering their games to fan’s computers, tablets, mobile phones, Roku and GoogleTVs.”

Sport Ngin’s goal is to bring the action of the sport around the world to customers through technology, and to deliver the most interactive experience possible. The development of this platform has allowed that.


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    FASTHockey is currently the leading destination for amateur ice hockey video in the world.

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