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Burton Unveils US Snowboard Uniforms For Sochi

Burton designed US Snowboard team uniforms for the Sochi Olympics“Look good feel good, feel good play good.”  This expression has been used over and over again within the sports world.  College athletes take this seriously, while action sports stars take it to heart.

Fortunately for the US Olympic Snowboard team, Burton is behind the design of the new uniforms and they look oh-so-good.

Heirloom Hippy Snowboard Uniforms Will Grace Sochi

If you haven’t been counting down, all you need to know is that the Winter Olympics in Sochi are quickly approaching.  The 2014 US Olympic Snowboard team will big names like Gretchen Bleiler, Kelly Clark and Chas Goldemund.  If the above expression is true, team USA will be carrying enough gold to make even the Italian Jobbers jealous.

For the third straight time, Burton has partnered with the U.S. Ski and Snowboard Association to provide the US Snowboard team with some incredible uniforms.  Such an unveiling is sure to give the Burlington, Vermont-based company some incredible exposure, not to mention some great run-time in Sochi.

Inspiration In The Uniforms For These Inspirational Athletes

This was the US snowboard uniform in 2010. Safe to say it will be a different look in Sochi.

This was the US snowboard uniform in 2010. Safe to say it will be a different look in Sochi.

To explain the outfit, we turn to Greg Dacyshyn, chief creative officer at Burton:

‘The vintage quilt and flag print of the jacket combined with the corduroy pants give the uniform an `heirloom hippie’ vibe that lines up with snowboarding’s laid-back culture while paying respect to America’s longstanding creative heritage. It will stand out in Sochi for sure.”

Of course the fabric is high-tech.  But everything from the colors to the design and layout itself are reminiscent of days past.  It makes sense when considering the design was inspired by a vintage quilt that Burton designers found at an antique fair.

As described by LA Times:  After deconstructing and reconstructing the quilt, the resulting patchwork was photographed and the image dye sublimation printed onto Burton’s high-tech waterproof, breathable nylon fabric — along with the image of a vintage American flag that appears on the left arm of the jackets.

Sure, it’s just a uniform design.  But shouldn’t marketing be easily enhanced by such a great design?  What do you think of the Snowboard uniforms for the Sochi Olympics?

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    A quite unique design, the material is definitely the best, I will order one immediately when it is released.

  2. Henry Larry May 9, 2024 at 10:32 pm #

    The vintage inspired design of the US Snowboard team uniforms is truly captivating blending nostalgia with cutting edge technology seamlessly. It is evident that Burtons attention to detail will not only make the athletes feel confident but also showcase their unique style on the slopes in Sochi.
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