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The Top News In #Sportsbiz – 12.17.12 – 12.24.12

SN-Top-News-In-#Sportsbiz-BannerThe Top News In #Sportsbiz is a collection of articles curated by Sports Networker’s Lead Writer – Mark Burns

Sports Business

The Chilling Effect Of The NHL Lockout On Businesses

NHL LockoutMost everywhere Lou Billittier turns these days, the Buffalo restaurateur is reminded of the NHL lockout, and its impact on his blue-collar, sports-mad town where Dominik Hasek became a star and the French Connection is still revered.

Billittier misses the familiar faces of Sabres players having their traditional game-day lunch at his restaurant, Chef’s. He recalled a recent conversation he had with his seafood supplier, who’s struggling because he also provides salmon and chicken wings to the Sabres arena, the First Niagara Center.

And then there are the arena’s idled, part-time employees who stop in looking for work. With his own business down 15 percent, Billittier can only turn them away because he’s concerned whether there’s enough work for his staff.

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Sports Networking

5 Questions To Ask Your Mentors

Sports NetworkingLatching on to solid mentors is not only key to beginning your sports career but also developing it. There is a good chance that no one in your family has experience in the sports business, so you need to find people in the industry whom you can trust and who will personally invest in seeing you succeed.

My experience with mentors has been a positive one so far, and I encourage you to actively find several of your own. Once you get someone to be in your corner, here are 5 questions you should ask them throughout your hopefully lifelong relationship:

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Sports Marketing

Brees Lawsuit Claims Charity Was Cheated

Drew BreesSaints quarterback Drew Brees and his foundation are suing one of the former organizers of his celebrity golf tournament in southern California, saying the organizer cheated benefactors of the foundation out of thousands of dollars he kept for his own marketing firm.

The lawsuit, filed Wednesday against David Miller and Integrated Sports Marketing in San Diego Superior Court, says Miller negotiated a favorable hotel rate for celebrity guests at the La Costa Resort earlier this year, then collected higher room rates, keeping the difference.

Now Brees wants his representatives to audit ISM’s books from the past three tournaments to which he lent his name.

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Sports Sponsorship

MasterCard Sticking With PGA Tour Sponsorship

MasterCardAmerican Express may have had a partnership with the Ryder Cup, but for everything else on the PGA Tour there was MasterCard. It will continue to be that way for the next three years after MasterCard extended its official marketing partnership with the PGA circuit this past week.

The credit card company will be hosting new text-to-win programs that will give cardholders the opportunity to upgrade their day at the tournament right before the action on the green begins. The Best Seats in the House promotion gives attendees a better view of the action, while Priceless Lessons give on winner the chance to receive tips for their golf swing from a pro.

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Sports Sales

The ‘Rules’ Of Ticket Sales

Sports SalesPlease, violate them as often as possible. I (Steve Steve DeLay, former Chief Marketing Officer for Mandalay Baseball Properties) was contacted last week for an interview by someone in the industry who was doing a podcast on ticket sales. We started talking about the ways teams generally are marketing tickets these days and whether I believed their strategies were the right ones.

Five minutes in to the conversation, the interviewer said, “Geez, you’ve just told me that the two basic tenets of ticket sales that teams follow these days you don’t believe in. Next, you’re going to tell me you don’t believe in bobbleheads.”

If he could have seen me through the phone, he would have seen me smile and nod. “You’re right.” I said. “I don’t believe in bobbleheads…for the walk up buyer.” Call me a renegade. Call me a rebel or maybe just plain dumb but there are three generally accepted rules of ticket sales that I believe you should violate every day. (I can already hear the naysayers screaming from the top of their lungs as they read this!)

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Sports Social Media

Racist Obama Tweets Gets Player Booted From College Team

ObamaNBC interrupted its broadcast of the much-anticipated Sunday Night Football matchup last week between the San Francisco 49ers and New England Patriots early in the first quarter to cut to President Obama’s speech addressing the elementary school massacre in Newtown, Conn.

Watching the game on TV, University of North Alabama football player Bradley Patterson didn’t appreciate the programming change and voiced his displeasure with an ugly, racist tweet about Obama.

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Sports Media

ESPN’s Rob Parker Issues Apology For Comments About RG III

RG IIICommentator Rob Parker has issued an apology for remarks he made on ESPN2’s “First Take” last week regarding Washington Redskins quarterback Robert Griffin III.

When discussing Griffin’s answer to a question about his role as an African-American quarterback, Parker questioned Griffin’s “blackness,” citing that the quarterback has a white fiancee and is rumored to be Republican as among his reasons.

“Is he a brother or a cornball brother?” said Parker, who is black. Later in the discussion, he added, “I’m just trying to dig deeper as to why he has an issue. Because we did find out with Tiger Woods, Tiger Woods was like, I’ve got black skin, but don’t call me black. So people got to wondering about Tiger Woods early on.”

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Sports Jobs

Jobs In Sports Entertainment: How To Land Your Dream Job In Sports

[easyazon-image align=”left” asin=”0804759553″ locale=”us” height=”160″ src=”” width=”107″]The sports and entertainment worlds are quickly converging into a well-popularized industry that has become one of the most sought after niches in sports. Underneath the glitz and glam of jobs in sports entertainment, though, there’s an underlying business world.

Whether you want to be the next Jerry Maguire, work in Event Production at the Rose Bowl, or assist in the marketing of athletes and entertainers at a large-scale firm, you’ll be immersed in the world of sports entertainment. Below, Sports Networker examines how to obtain those dream jobs in sports and more specifically, jobs that intersect with the entertainment industry as well.

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Sports Technology

2012: The Best Of Sports Video Games

EA Sports FIFA 13To sports gamers, 2012 will be remembered as the year “Madden” introduced a new physics engine, EA bought the exclusive rights to the UFC license, and 2K teamed with Jay-Z to deliver a virtual hoops classic.

It will also be remembered as the year Calvin Johnson spit on the Madden Curse to deliver one of the greatest seasons by a wide receiver. But what does ESPN Tech consider the Game of the Year? Read on to find the winners and losers of a wild 2012.

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