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30 Days of Fear Challenge

30 Days of Fear

30 Days of Fear is a decision to stop giving excuses. It’s a decision to live life to the fullest. To live, for just one month, for 30 days, just a little on the edge. To embark on this challenge is much more then, “well it sounded fun.” It’s a decision to make the summer of 2012 one that you will NEVER forget. One that will change your life forever.” – Kyle Mauch (CEO of Gloves Off Sports, llc)

Are You Ready for a Change?

How many times have you wanted to do something, but you were just to embarrassed, scared, or nervous to do it? How many times have you looked back on a situation and thought, “I wish I would have…”? How many times have you thought to yourself, “I need some excitement in my life.”? Personally, all of these things have happened to me more then once. Excitement is one thing I refuse to let slip away from my life.

10 Months ago I decided to forgo my dreams of playing professional baseball to take on a career in sports marketing. Since then I’ve been getting my thrills and sense of high from the sports business world rather then the diamond. I recently felt a lack of adventure and connection with the world around me though. I’m a guy who wants to live life to the fullest and with no regrets. Me, the guy that preaches travel and adventure, was caught being a complete hypocrite.

I want to make the summer of 2012 the most epic summer of my life. I want to take on my fears. I want to give myself an excuse to do all of the things I’d ever feared and all of the things I’d probably never do without a good excuse to do them. Why not make this bigger then me? If I can stare my fears in the eyes and turn my wants into wills, then the world can too.

Click here to pledge to take on the challenge

30 Days of Fear Challenge

30 Days of fear

Here inlays, “30 Days of Fear.” For 30 straight days beginning July 1st, 2012, I’ll take on one of my fears each day, video tape it and share it with the world via YouTube. I will even do some other peoples fears as well to help them get encouraged to go after it. They can range from jumping out of a plane to reaching out to an old crush you never had the guts to tell how you really feel. No matter how big, or how small the action may seem, conquering a fear of any size is a monumental achievement for an individual.

Whether you only take on 1 fear, or 30 fears next month, you’ve succeeded in the challenge just by uploading your video of you doing your own challenge to your personal YouTube account with the title “AthSwag 30 Days of Fear, Day _, Your Name, What You Did.” Your video will encourage others, so the more people we have participate, and the more videos each of those people upload to YouTube, the more people we can reach. In August, we will put together 1 single amazing viral video with everyone’s submitted videos and use it to bring even more attention to helping people become encouraged to embrace their fears and get proactive about it.

I invite you, sports biz professionals, those aspiring to be and anybody else, to take on this challenge with me and conquer your fears. This is far bigger then you and I. This is about bringing awareness to people all over the globe that suffer from the “I wish I woulda” bug. This is about others seeing you and I conquer our fears, and mustering up the guts to join us and conquer their own fears. This is about coming together as a human race and getting stronger. Just think about it. How strong will you be once you take on 30 of your fears and learn that you can beat them? Then think about how much stronger our world can be if everyone does the same as you.

The goal: To encourage ourselves, and others to overcome our fears.

Click here to pledge to take on the challenge

Here’s how it works.

Over the next month, I will personally help each and every one of you get ready to take on your fears and have the most fulfilling summer of your life. All you need to do is pledge and join our email list so that I can keep you in the loop. We will help each other come up with ideas of challenges, share our fears, group chat live via webcam and even schedule meet ups so we can meet other people in each of our areas taking on the challenge. Also, one little twist; we all need to pick one friend to help take on one of their fears as well during the month. That is the whole point, to help others overcome their fears with you.

Join myself, #AthSwag Apparel, and millions of our comrades, on an epic journey to conquering our fears.

When I’m thinking of helping people conquer their fears, I’m thinking of people suffering from shyness, cancer, scared of heights, seeing disabilities, arachnophobia, nervousness, afraid of failure and everything in between. The more people that participate, the more people we can hopefully connect with and give hope to that one day they can take on their fear and fight it. The point of this challenge is not just to share an awesome summer; the point is to make the world stronger and more outgoing by seeing us have our life changing summer. I can PROMISE you that. If you participate in the 30 Days of Fear challenge, your life will be changed forever. You will NEVER forget the summer of 2012.

– Kyle Mauch (CEO of AthSwag Apparel and Gloves Off Sports, llc)

The process to get started on your 30 Days of Fear

  1. Pledge and sign up for the email list.
  2. Write down a list of all of your fears. If you don’t have 30 fears, then start writing down things you have never done before that you want to do (realistic things you can do this summer.)
  3. Join the live webinar (group cam chat) to meet and talk to your fellow comrades undertaking the challenge!
  4. Bring your list down to the top 30 fears you have that you can realistically conquer in your area on your budget this summer.
  5. We will schedule live, in person meet ups in each of your communities to meet the people participating near you.
  6. Create a YouTube channel if you do not yet have one.
  7. Make a video pledge saying “I’m taking on the AthSwag 30 Days of Fear.” And tell your personal reasons why. Then upload that video as your first video and title it: “AthSwag 30 Days of Fear Pledge – Your Name”. This will get you rolling and maybe even conquer one of your fears :)
  8. Finalize your list and plan out how you will accomplish all of the things on your list.
  9. Begin the 30 DAYS OF FEAR CHALLENGE!!!
  10. Upload your videos each day (if you can) and title them “AthSwag 30 Days of Fear Day _, Your Name, What You Did”
  11. Monday, July 30th will be our final challenge!


  • What if I don’t have 30 fears?

Don’t have 30 fears? Then replace some days with thrills. Or try other peoples fears out to show them it’s not so bad. Join other people on their fear challenges. Along the way you may find some things you never thought you’d do. It’s worth it :)

  • What do I get for doing the challenge?

You get to help millions of people conquer their fears by being a support system. You also get to have support yourself in conquering your fears, and doing things you may have never had the courage to do without a reason. We also give away shirts but that’s not the point.

  • When will this challenge begin?

July 1st 2012. You don’t have to start then, but I promise you it’s WAY MORE FUN knowing people are doing challenges the same time you are. Plus, in August we are making the final cut for the viral video.

  • Who is participating in the challenge?

Anybody with a need for excitement and anybody who wants to have the most fulfilling summer of their life! We will update you on what celebrities and athletes have pledged! Or… see who has joined the group on Facebook:

  • If I am a member of a sports team, business or organization, can we pledge as a group?

Yes. You can have different members of your team doing different challenges each day for the 30 days. We understand a time crunch and want you on board no matter what! It’s for a great cause.

  • How do I upload a video on YouTube?

Visit the YouTube help center here: How to Upload Videos

  • How do I upload videos longer then 15 minutes long?

Visit the YouTube help center here: How to Upload Longer Videos

More info on the 30 Days of Fear Challenge:


* All of us at Gloves Off Sports, llc. and #AthSwag Apparel would like to give a special THANK YOU to Trevor Turnbull and Sports Networker for helping us spread the word of this special event.

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  1. kylemauch June 12, 2012 at 6:25 pm #

    This Saturday, June 16th at 12 Noon, I’m hosting a live webchat to answer any questions and talk about the challenge. Join me and lets get our 30 challenges put together! #30DaysofFear @AthSwag

  2. Henry September 26, 2023 at 7:07 am #

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