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Top Sports Business Resources of 2010

Earlier this week, we had a vote for the top sports social media professional of 2010, and it garnered over 2000 votes. As voting wraps up today, we’ve decided to another one for the top sports business online resources of 2010. We’ve narrowed it down to these links, but if there’s one we’ve missed, let us know in the comments below, and if it attracts enough traction, we’ll gladly add it to the list. Read more about each nominee below the fold.
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Sports Biz with Darren Rovell

Darren Rovell brings you his unique take on the business of sports: a multi-billion dollar global industry and obsession full of personalities and products. On Sports Biz, Darren will give you his up-to-date take on everything from salaries to endorsement deals to marketing and promotions, trades and tirades – in short, everything that makes sports so exciting.

Sports Business Journal

Street & Smith’s SportsBusiness Journal is a national weekly trade magazine, and the flagship publication for the Street & Smith’s Sports Group. Since its launch in 1998 it has become the undisputed authority on the business of sports and a must read for top executives in every segment of sports business—properties, sponsors, media, facilities, finance and professional services.

Blog Maverick

Mark Cuban is an entrepreneur, visionary, and owner of the NBA’s Dallas Mavericks. Blog Maverick is his personal blog where he shares his thoughts on business, sports, and sports business.

CNN Sports Biz

CNN Sports Biz is run by CNN Money Senior Writer Chris Isidore who takes a weekly look into the business of sports.

Sports Business Digest

An all in one online sports digest covering the latest sports and business stories around the world. Run by Emmett Jones

Sports Biz News Blog

Howard Bloom’s career took a dramatic change in the spring of 1997, when Howard began publishing In its nine years, SBN has evolved into the largest and one of the most influential sports industry publications. Although Sports Business News is a paid subscription, Howard provides lots of free goodies in his online blog here.

Sports Marketing 2.0

This site is a digital think-tank for sports marketers in the Web 2.0 world.

The Business of Sports

“The Business of Sports” is an industry blog dedicated to discussing new ideas and current events in sports business. The posts cover a wide range of topics, including ticket sales, marketing, social media, corporate sponsorships, fan loyalty, brand management, sports media, finance and more.

Sports Agent Blog

Sports Agent Blog is run by Darren Heitner, a member of the SEA, and a founder of a full service sports and talent agency.

Sports Jobs Blog

Sports jobs, sports career advice and tips on how to break into the sports industry. Run by

Sports Law

The Go-To resource for Sports Law. Honored by Fast Company as one of Three Best Sports Business Blogs and by the American Bar Association Journal as a Top 100 Law Blog

Partnership Activation

Brian Gainor founded Partnership Activation Inc., as a means to provide sports business professionals with consultation of industry best practices and innovative sponsorship/marketing concepts. Since its inception, Brian has used and the Partnership Activation 2.0 newsletter as portals to educate and network with those working in sports business around the globe.

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