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Overtime Post – The Eyeball Shift

Thanks to a friend, I got to catch a hockey game live at the arena earlier this week. Other than the game itself, (the Canucks won, naturally) what interested me the most were the intermissions. Sure there were the usual bunch who went out for their restroom runs and beer refills, but there was also a fair amount of folks who sat and waited for their team to come back on. The arena screens were busy plugging away with out of town scoreboards and a series of paid advertisements. Down on the ice, each period intermission featured a different sponsored event.

However, of the people that hung around for these festivities, I noticed that most of them did not pay attention to all the flashy events in front of them. Instead, they were typing away on their phones. Indeed, there has been an eyeball shift in sports arenas. The smarter sports teams have tried to get ahead by creating team mobile apps but I believe that’s simply the tip of the iceberg. As advertisers and sponsors shift their money to where the eyeballs are at, mobile in sports arenas is definitely something to pay attention to in the coming year. If you work for a sports arena, do you have a mobile solution in plan? Let me know in the comments below!


Interview with Evander Holyfield on Personal Branding and the ‘Bite-Fight’

One ear, twice the grace. If you’re a sports fanatic, you’ll want to read this. Fantastic interview by Lewis.

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Top Five Sports Jobs

This is a good list for anybody who wants more info on sports related careers, but it’s missing perhaps the coolest sports job – being a pro athlete.

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How to Find Your Sports Agent

For any agents out there looking for potential clients, I got a mix-tape of my skills ready for your viewing pleasure. I guarantee you’ll be impressed. I got a jump shot like Dikembe Mutumbo’s, rebound like Spud Webb, dunk like Mike Bibby, and shoot free throws like Shaq.

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Using Mobile Apps in Sports Marketing

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Monetizing on Facebook

I applaud Sam for tackling a tough subject like monetization. It’s a touchy subject for some, but at the end of the day, revenue is what keeps sports teams alive, which is a concept the Phoenix Coyotes don’t seem to understand.

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The Links:

Cam Newton Wins the Heisman Trophy

As it always seems these days with the Heisman, this story is not without its controversies. There are two sides to it, one who thinks it was the right call, and the other..not so much.

Vikings Stadium Roof Collapses

I know we’re all wondering the same thing, did Brett Favre do it to buy himself more time?

Markus Naslund’s #19 Retired

In a city that hasn’t seen too many winners come around, Nazzy was a lone bright spot. Well deserved.


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