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Pro athletes always seem to have an abundance of resources at their disposal; whether they need to make a cross country move, assess their personality and skill level, get their financial picture in order, or simply find a post-sports career job or business. A multitude of businesses clamor for the athletes’ attention but which ones can they trust? I found two businesses that really put their heart and soul into helping pro athletes manage their career and life.

One such business is Sportsdrive. The highly educated, synergistic team performs various levels of athlete assessments using a scientific approach specifically developed to evaluate sports performance and sports behavior.

Annika Olofsson, a sports psychologist with Sportsdrive, works with athletes on the German Olympic squad. I caught up with her via email last week and asked how Sportsdrive can help not just the pro athlete but their supporting cast. Annika stated, “Sportsdrive helps coaches select the right athletes; those who are not only physically strong but mentally fit and committed to achieving greatness on their specific sport. Assessment results will reveal the following to coaches; potential for development, talent, and the internal fire of the athlete as well as the best way to support the athlete in reaching his goals.”

The benefits of scientific, psychological evaluation translate into on-field and off-field success for the athlete. On-field, athletes have a sharper focus and more self-confidence because of understanding themselves and their inner drives more completely. Athletes can utilize their strengths to a higher degree with a more acute self-awareness of their inner motivators. Off-field, a better self-understanding means better communication with coaches and staff and a higher level of emotional stability all around.

Another way companies are helping the pro athlete is through successful and stress-free relocation. A pro athlete may change teams many times throughout his career and he needs to make the transitions as seamless as possible.

Janice Bokor, a Coldwell Banker Realtor in Pennsylvania, specializing in re-location services for the pro athlete, has personal experience with the process.

“I am married to a retired pro football player and come from a family of athletes so I understand first hand the need for a trustworthy, confidential and informed realtor who knows how to connect with the client. Since the above was so hard to find I became a realtor myself to fill the void in this specialized pro athlete market and the rest is history.”

I also asked Janice how she makes the transition easier for the player and his family so moving is not as traumatic as it could be.

“Since moving a lot is, unfortunately, part of the pro athlete’s profession, I want them to leave their problems related to the process to me. My sole purpose is to handle every aspect of the real estate and relocation process so the athlete and his family can concentrate on what is important to them: their family and profession.”

“I also ensure that every detail of their move is in place, including shipment of all belongings, packing/unpacking services, school information, private jet service, bodyguards, personal trainers, chefs, nutritionists, utility service connections, doctors, interior designers, lawyers, financial advisers, etc. I never say no to a personal request and I make it my personal mission to ensure every client transitions smoothly and quickly from every single destination they need to be in.”

These are just two companies making a difference in athletes’ lives in professional and personal ways. Even though pro athletes are often idolized and put on pedestals, they are mere human beings with personal, family, and career needs. Thank goodness for companies willing to step up to the plate and offer genuine assistance for those who entertain us year after year.


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